Hi there!

Well, first of all let us introduce ourselves. We are Datamosh, we are a small indie game dev studio and we are from Argentina. You can actually read more about us in the ABOUT US section. That was too obvious, right? Like those “Push forward to go forward” tutorials, uuugh!

Anyway: Our very first game –available right now in the App Store-, is “TRISP“. A color matching puzzle game in the line of Dr. Mario. It’s a nice casual game, more like an experiment for us since it’s the very first one that actually goes “public”.

Our second game, is “ONLY US“. The idea came for this one all of the sudden, because we really wanted to be part of Ludum Dare #23, it was Saturday already and we had no idea what to do. So Kaeru started doodling around a space concept, based on a loosely “galactical” idea that Pablo had in mind for a while. Since the “theme” for that Ludum Dare was “Tiny World” and space exploration seemed like the complete opposite of that, we focused on the concept of the theme as an analogy for the relationship between two beings. How deep!

But hey, it kinda worked, because we made up this “loneliness” status that you had to take care of and some people seemed to like that, so we achieved our goal. Since then, we are working on the FULL, complete and enhanced version of “ONLY US” as we write this. Yes, still got a long couple of months to go, but we totally love the idea. Hope you do, too.

Finally, as in NOW: We are making another game. It’s small, action packed and has vampires. So stay tuned for more news, because it’s almost here!